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About Me

Jacob Metcalf

I'm 22 years old and married.

I love coding and creating apps that solve problems.

Recently went through DevMountain's program where I have learned the Swift language.

I currently work for Lambda Schools as a PM assisting students with their iOS/Computer Programming development.

My Experience

I've been through DevMountain's curriculum where I've learned the core basics and advance functions of Swift.  This allowed me to put three apps on the app store ("Recipe Planner",  "Clientel" and a group project - "Bad Bass" ).

My Passions

I enjoy working with technology and animation for fun, and DevMountain had given me the opportunity to create something more.  Making iOS Apps is where I have grown the most.

My Skillset

I've been able to use the Swift libraries to enhance my skills.  I've used MapKit,

CoreData, CloudKit, Table/Collection Views and Scroll Views.

My Apps

Recipe Planner

Create and add your own personal meals to the app, use the calendar to plan when to eat those meals. Than let the shopping list do the rest by creating a weekly total shopping list for you.

Bad Bass

Every Utah Fisherman's Dream!  Almost every body of water, the weather, and fishing conditions all in one app.


An app tailored to Mr MAC's sizing layout. When a customer walks in, get your phone out and jot down all their information for their first visit. Next time they come back, you wont be empty minded.

Contact Me

Any ideas for apps, or just want to talk? Send me an Email or Text!